Michael Night
"A show you will never forget!"

What is the best show for your event
The right entertainment or motivational speaker can make your event run smoothly and be a success.

What show is best for you?
Michael has developed a wide variety of shows with years of performing for corporate events.
He can customize shows and motivational speaking that will bring people together for a common goal.

Magic Shows -

Michael has designed shows that are great for family audiences that are great for fundraisers and special Corporate parties. He also has Adult only magic shows. Corporate clean and very funny. He also has a wildly funny adult humor, comedy club style shows great for night clubs and public adult only events.

Comedy Hypnosis Shows-

Michael has designed clean, save shows great for High School ages audiences. Great for After Proms and Grad Night Lock-ins. There are schools that the kids grow up waiting to go to prom just to see Michael!
Michael also has a great corporate clean hypnosis show. Very funny and amazing. Never nasty and he never demeans anyone in the show at any time. Then Michael has the Adult comedy club style show. This is a very funny, crazy show. But it still is designed to be safe, fun and not a nasty vulgar type of show.

The Full Comedy, Magic and Hypnosis Show-
This is the show people talk about for years. Michael uses a lot of your guest on stage during the Comedy magic. He then opens the stage up for volunteers to come up and enter into the wild world hypnosis show on tour! This is the show where he makes the audience the stars of the show and will make your event a wildly successful event!
Michael's Story
Michael became a Motivational, KeyNote Speaker for one reason. To help people! Michael has had a long, hard life. In 2008, Michael lost his youngest son, Stefen at the age os 16. It was a brain aneurysm. Then Michael lost his mentor Raven, then his Father. A few months later his older brother, Jerry died of cancer. Then on the way home from a run of shows, Michael fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a large metal pole that highs a sign high in the air. He broke five ribs, both legs, his right ankle and had internal damage. The doctors told his family he had maybe a 20% to live and would never walk. His sister Sue told them "You don't know my little brother.  After two years of being in bed and wheelchair bound, Michael started working on losing weight. He was over 640 pounds at the time of the wreck.  His bones in his legs would not heal all the way and he the right grew back about 60% and the left only 10%. There is now a titanium rod inside the leg and the right leg lost almost three inches of bone and the foot reattached. 
As Michael was teaching himself to walk and losing over 300 pounds in a wheelchair he got the tragic news his old son, Michael Jr. Took his life.  

Michael has endured more than anyone person should ever deal with. One thing that keeps Michael going is knowing his story helps others when he speaks.